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i’ve traveled, lived in a few different countries and had many adventures along the way. here’s just a few blog posts from over the years.

3 whole weeks

it was 3 whole weeks since i had done my last asana practice. 3. whole. weeks. i knew it had been a while, but really thought it had just been 2. where on earth did september even go?! so it had actually been 3 weeks. i’ve been doing other yoga things – meditating, joining a…

36 til 36

there’s a lot going on in my brain.


i’ve never noticed lots of feathers flying and laying around. but all last summer, jen would come back from her walk with a feather or 2. and this summer, almost every time i go outside, i find a feather or 2. i always pick it up and think about who might be watching out for…

new season!

today is 1 september. 245th day of the year. 121 days until the end of the year. and the first day of meteorological autumn for those of us in the northern hemisphere and the first day of meteorological spring for my friends in the southern hemisphere. it feels like the energy is shifting and i’m…

Oh Zambia!

a post from exactly 10 years ago today!


if you can’t stand the HEAT!

half way

half way through ytt!

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