3 whole weeks

it was 3 whole weeks since i had done my last asana practice. 3. whole. weeks.

i knew it had been a while, but really thought it had just been 2. where on earth did september even go?! so it had actually been 3 weeks. i’ve been doing other yoga things – meditating, joining a few of jen’s online CONVERSATIONS, pulling tarot cards, reading and watching asana classes. but hadn’t actually done any asana myself (because i don’t really count the random few yoga poses me and the neighbor kids spontaneously do while physically distanced!).

i think this has also been the longest that i’ve not done yoga all year. for sure during the last 7 months (because i’ve been journaling for my yoga teacher training class). but i’m confidently guessing that i didn’t go this long without asana while at jen’s in tassie.

but why?

it’s september. september and the beginning of october are always rough for me in the middle of america. it’s officially autumn, the sun quickly shifts lower in the sky, and since we are past the equinox – the days are only getting shorter from here on out. usually the temperature gets cooler, but we’ve had a warm up this week so that’s not all bad. but for me, i hate not having sunlight. and this is ALWAYS the time of year i get my itchy feet and randomly buy a plane ticket for somewhere in the world so i don’t need to spend all winter in south dakota.

and that’s not happening this year…

soooo, what to even do? i’m not sure, but i’ve decided that i’ll travel and explore south dakota winter. i’ll treat the experience like i did pick up and go somewhere else for a while. i’ll be a tourist/adventurer/explorer in the place that i live.

so here’s to a new experience! winter’s coming…

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