self discipline. catharsis. austerities. spiritual effort. change. tolerance. transformation. HEAT!

translations for ‘tapas,’ one of the niyamas, are many. the literal translation is the one i like best, HEAT! we all know heat changes things. like baking a cake, heat transforms the raw, gooey batter into a delicious, light and fluffy cake, ready to enjoy!

and so too does tapas, by dedicating ourselves to staying in the heat of the oven, we will emerge ready and able to withstand whatever the world will throw at us!

so i’m throwing myself into the fire these next few weeks by dedicating myself to a 10 minute #somecallitmeditation practice. here we go!

wanna join in? you are more than welcome! and if you need the support or want to see others who are doing the same thing, go and join the facebook group!

here is my youtube channel playlist! click the hamburger in the top right corner of the video for more days! enjoy!!

tip jar!

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