36 til 36

it’s 36 days until i turn 36.

there’s a lot going on in my brain.

i’ve joined jen’s 108 to solstice. it’s been a challenge, but one i’ve been ready and working towards for some time now. some days 108 seems like such a long time, but i already feel it slipping away, wishing i would be accomplishing more with my time. other days it doesn’t seem like enough time to work on all of the things i want to work on.

1 big thing that i’m working on is making a 7 year life plan. i’ve never been one for giant ‘in 5 years, i’ll be…’ plans. i’ve always found them super cheesy. BUT, lately i think this is what i need in my life. i’m not sure how this will look yet, but have been reflecting and meditating on several categories: home, mind, body, spirit & money.

in the next 36 days, there are a few things that i aim to accomplish: finish up my yoga teacher training hours, figuring out what my ideal life looks like, start outlining the next 7 years of my life.

last year i did an awesome 35 til 35. i’m not going to do that again this year, but thought i should commemorate my birthday somehow. not sure how yet, but marking 36 days until my 36th birthday seemed like a good place to start.

so here’s to whatever the next 36 days will bring!!!

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