half way

i’m over half way through my yoga teacher training course. it’s been an interesting and challenging journey. and one that hasn’t gone exactly as i had imagined.

when i came back from australia, i wanted to get myself out there and really build a community here. i was all geared up for it, i wasn’t going to be a homebody. i had concrete plans in place and was on track. things felt good!

for 2 weeks.

then covid-19 took over.

instead of getting out there and meeting new people, i had to stay at home. and my life went back to how it’s been for the last few years. i think the universe is telling me something. but i’ve just been sitting with this feeling, seeing where it goes. i’m along for the ride!

and yoga teacher training is no different. i’m along for the ride! i’m still not sure what i’ll do with this experience and training. a lot of my original ideas can’t happen right now, but i know the right thing will come along at the right time.

so here’s to the next 2.5 months! i wonder where it will take me. 😉

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