i’m christa!

i grew up on numerous army bases in different parts of the united states. i have lived in zambia, india and i think i can even count australia (since i ended up staying for over 5 months one time!). i have traveled throughout southeast asia, southern and eastern africa, and even a few countries in europe! most of my friends live several time zones away from me.

these experiences have formed a non-traditional perspective on life, my place in the world and how i can create a better world.

as cheesy as it sounds, i want the world to be a better place for us today, tomorrow and generations from now. 

life highlights include:
  • being a united states peace corps volunteer! (i served in zambia, that’s in southern africa!)
  • creating and implementing a branding and marketing campaign that fundraised $150,000 in 17 months using facebook, twitter, youtube and website for a brand new swimming pool
  • having an awesome thailand beach vacation with bron and gwen RUINED because of a monkey who stole my red rock kettle chips that were brought all the way from australia! (i HATE monkeys and this is still a terrifying ordeal)
  • starting carefree christa and pouring my energy and soul into making this business work!
  • supporting the song writing team, training, answer questions and collecting clips from over 100 people then putting together this massive, amazing music video!

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