i grew up on numerous army bases in different parts of the united states. i have lived in zambia, india and i think i can even count australia (since i ended up staying for over 5 months!). i have traveled throughout southeast asia, southern and eastern africa, and even a few countries in europe! these experiences have formed a non-traditional perspective on life, my place in the world and how i can create a better world.

life highlights include:

i did fix the hole…

being responsible for maintenance and upgrades of a 7 acre, 68 bed property that included 37 toilets, 14 bathrooms, 5 kitchens and 1 brand new swimming pool

being a united states peace corps volunteer! (i served in zambia, that’s in southern africa!)

creating and implementing a branding and marketing campaign that fundraised $150,000 in 17 months using facebook, twitter, youtube and website for said swimming pool

having an awesome beach vacation with bron and gwen in thailand RUINED because of a terrifying ordeal (a monkey stole my red rock kettle chips that were brought all the way from australia!)

writing over 40 standard operating procedures to ensure that the centre could operate effectively, including one called ‘international piss christa off day’

and starting carefree christa!

carefree christa aims to support small business development with a unique global perspective while sharing travel tips and writing blog posts

carefree consulting provides consulting opportunities for small businesses. carefree travel will share travel tips and seminars. and carefree blog is where you can find blog posts of all sorts!

as i grow my new business, i hope to share more of my experiences with you. and i’m looking forward to supporting the growth and development of small businesses all over the world!

if you have any questions at all or are curious about how i can support you, just send me an email! i’d love to chat!