nurturing mind, body, soul

for me, yoga means unity and community. unity with yourself and connection with others, creating an awesome community. i started my own yoga practice to connect with my body and mind. yoga has helped me nurture and replenish my energy and soul.

as a trained yoga teacher, i want to support others to nurture their own minds, bodies and souls!


i’m building my own confidence in teaching yoga to others! are you interested in joining me?

we can zoom or, if you are in sioux falls, we can have a physically distanced outdoor practice!


inspired by jenbarronYOGA’s 10 minutes at sunrise, i’ve been working on my own meditation practice. want to join?

i would love to guide you through a meditation practice! Only ready for 10 minutes? Join me for 10 minutes on zoom or anytime on my YouTube Channel!


i struggle with doing anything long-term and on a regular schedule. is this you too?

need an accountability buddy to support you on your yoga, meditation or habit-changing journey? let’s support each other!

ready to bring new energy in?

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  • need yoga or meditation?