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Business is a balancing act. Whether you are just starting out, adapting to the market or expanding, things get busy and the to-do list gets longer. There are a lot of pulls on your time and attention. That’s when the balancing act starts to wobble and things fall through the cracks. 

Another pair of hands can be the perfect way to get your balance back – and I can be those hands!

I’m a well-rounded operations professional with over 10 years of international, cross- cultural experience with non-profits, solo-preneurs and social impact businesses. 

I have the demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects in high stress situations and work with flexibility, creativity and teamwork to solve complex problems in cross cultural contexts.

I have experience working on projects collaboratively across time zones, diverse working styles and with varying technology capability.


  • Coordinate event registration process
  • Draft, send and follow up on event emails and automations
  • Ensure participants feel included and welcomed before and during the event
  • Organize online meetings; Schedule zoom/google hangout/skype meeting details, send reminder emails to participants, start, welcome and organize participants to the zoom/google hangout/skype meeting, take notes and/or record the meeting and send follow up emails after the call
  • Ensure all post event details are sent
  • Create and send an appropriate evaluation process to participants
  • Outline project or event timelines
  • Create year-long theme calendars for social media and comms channels
    Create event budgets
  • Draft multi-year budgets for business or event series
  • Create and/or streamline asset registers
  • Create maintenance plans that combine assets, budgets and daily maintenance tasks
  • Plan for large asset purchases, repairs and replacements
  • Create a standard operating procedure system outlining all needed sops
  • Write standard operating procedures
  • Create promotional assets like digital images and print/digital brochures
  • Create video, images or captions for social media
  • Create brand assets such as logos, business cards, email signatures and letterhead
  • Re-brand, streamline or update your current website and/or communication channels
  • Build a new WordPress/Shopify website
  • Write and/or post blog posts or articles

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