behind the scenes

for the last few years, i’ve been doing a variety of different things to make money (cause those health insurance premiums ain’t gonna pay themselves!) and other things to nurture my soul (you know, those things that you love doing so much that when you look at the clock, you realize it’s been 7 hours!). there has been a variety of things: crocheting, websites, social media posts, reports, fliers and even a huge giant music video! and the past few years, especially the past few months, i’ve decided that making money and nurturing my soul don’t need to be mutually exclusive. so this year, i’ve made a conscious decision to work on carefree christa, put my energy and soul into this and start creating the life that i want.

BUT i realized that i don’t often share what i can actually do. and that’s limiting my current progress.

i’ve been reflecting on why this is and a few things come to mind. 1 – when i do share all the things i can do, this intimidates people and i don’t like making people feel that way because it isn’t my intention. so in response to that situation, i don’t share about myself at all. 2 – when talking about all i can do, i just feel like i’m bragging and that my experience really isn’t all that great. this, i believe, mostly comes from social conditioning. i should be humble and just show my hard work, not talk about it. plus, there’s that whole idea that you have to go to school and get a piece of paper to prove you can do something. ALL FALSE!

now usually at this point in the show, i just give up or pick up a part-time job or buy a plane ticket somewhere to escape into the wild world and forget about carefree christa for a while. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! covid-19 travel restrictions mean i can’t go to australia for the summer, so that’s out. and while i’ve been looking at jobs and applying for a few, there have only been a very small tiny fraction that i’ve gone, ‘YES! this is me and i WANT this job!’ but unfortunately, i haven’t gotten interviews for those positions. so the universe is pushing me towards being full time 100% carefree christa!

and i am READY!

tomorrrow’s the full moon. i’ve got my full moon rituals ready. i’m going to manifest the SHIT outta october! plus, i’m starting kash’s foundations for transformation class too! get ready world, it’s all happening!

and if you’ve read this far, thank you! i super appreciate your support and energy and can’t wait to share more soon! in thanks, i’ve decided to offer you 20% any of my crocheted items if you order in the next 3 days. just send me an email and mention this blog post!

ps: yes, i do realize that i didn’t share what i can actually do in this blog post about that very same subject. i know, i know! but i’m working on it and all will be revealed very soon!

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