saucha: new moon 1

saucha. purity. the first niyama, the cleansing process. you can interpret it in many different ways to apply it to your everyday life. cleansing your mind. your body. your physical surroundings. i’ve been thinking a lot about my thoughts, especially about food. so am going to start new moon and full moon fasting days to see what will happen.

fasting takes a lot of different forms and applications. i’m going to aim to have this become a permanent practice for my life, so will be trying out several different versions of ‘fasting’ to see which one works best for me. because having no caffeine does NOT work for me.

here we go, the very first new moon fasting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

woke up today starting my very first new moon fast weighing the heaviest since i got back from australia. my brain has been telling me to eat a lot lately, and i’ve just been listening and doing without thinking. so i think (even though i’ve thought about food about a BILLION times already today) that today will be tough, but much needed to restart my brain relationship with food.

during the last few years, i’ve lost a lot of weight. i don’t really talk about it because i don’t think my value as a human being is based on the size of my body. when people compliment you on losing weight, i feel like it comes from the place of ‘oh you look so good! you must be a better/kinder/nicer/cuter person now!’ but it’s not about being skinny for me, it’s about being healthier. when you need surgery for your gall bladder 2 years in a row, your body is obviously telling you something!

so since this is the very first fast this year, i decided to go ‘hard core’ and do only a water fast. i will only drink water (well that and coffee, which i consider water…).

during the day, i only had a grumbling stomach twice. and as the day went on, i actually felt loads better and didn’t think about food a whole lot! when i woke up the next morning, i was expecting to feel super hungry. but i didn’t! i felt like i usually do when i wake up, just needing coffee!

so all in all, a pretty good start to fasting for new and full moons!

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