ahimsa practice: week 1, day 7

and here it is. the last day of my first week of ahimsa practice. i’ve really enjoyed sharing these thoughts and ideas and feelings with you all, i hope you’ve enjoyed reading them!

today i’m feeling on the verge of being discouraged. i haven’t had take up on my ‘era of virtual life‘ proposal. but instead of being discouraged and give up, i’m going to keep pushing and keep posting about it and see where it leads. because i know people need support out there, it’s just finding them and meeting them where they are!

so if you are reading this and need someone to support life and work online, let me know! i’d love to connect with you!

i’m going to keep pushing myself, even though it’s a bit scary, because that’s the whole point of finding my courage. do something that you are afraid of and see what you learn about yourself!

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