ahimsa practice: week 1, day 2

today, despite the rainy and cloudy weather (again, oh south dakota in spring time!), i’m actually super excited! started my morning off with a slow gentle yoga class and coffee, of course. and i’m ready to start the day and the weekend!

why am i excited?

well last night bron gave me a really good business idea that i’m going to work on and develop today and tomorrow so i can put it out into the world on monday! i don’t want to tell you the idea yet, but it really has flowed in from my thoughts and feelings yesterday. the path is different, but the plan is solid. and bron helped me find the next turn on the path so let’s see where this leads!

this new idea is awesome, but will others think the same?

i think there is always a bit of fear of rejection when working on something new. but i’m going to practice my courage (the whole point of this blog today and all week!). courage isn’t about being fearless, it’s about not being paralyzed by that fear and then not even try. so while it is scary to put myself out there and really sell myself (something i SUPER hate), i don’t need to be so afraid that i talk myself out of it and don’t even take that leap. i need to leap into this opportunity and path with my whole self and see where it takes me!

join the SUMMER OF YOGA 2.0!

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