ahimsa practice: week 1, day 3

yesterday i was annoyed. i wasn’t quite sure why. but i realized it was because my day didn’t go exactly as i had planned that it should.

i wanted to get started on a project of my own but got sidetracked by working on other people’s projects (because that is my job!). i didn’t feel like i had enough down time, i felt hurried the whole day. annoyance was my reaction to the situation-my day not going exactly as i had planned.

but at the end of the day, i got everything done that i wanted to accomplish (and actually a few extra things too!). so why did i waste my own energy feeling annoyed at myself and the situation and others? no idea because i didn’t need to! there wasn’t any reason because nothing goes exactly as planned. i can’t control the entire world!

i’m going to start to be more patient and loving towards myself when i’m feeling annoyed because things aren’t going ‘perfectly.’ i’m going to trust that the things that are supposed to happen will. i’ll bring peace into my own self!

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