ahimsa practice: week 1, day 6

yesterday i ventured out to sam’s club to do a big grocery shop. well, my list was big. the groceries i was able to actually purchase was not as big. it was a very interesting shopping experience. i’ve never been in sam’s club with so little shoppers, so little staff and so little stuff to actually buy.

i bought a pizza to make for dinner. and while i was eating it, i said we should thank all the people who were involved in making the pizza and getting it to the store so i could buy and eat it. and then i had a realization. what if the pizza i was eating was actually made from a machine? how do those pizzas get made?! i have no idea! should i even be buying pizza from a giant corporation?! probably not!

some interpret ahimsa as the reason why yogis should be vegetarian. i was vegetarian for a while. i’m not right now. and i don’t think that i would use ahimsa as a reason to become vegetarian again. BUT i do understand that how animals are raised for meat is not the greatest for our planet or for the animals themselves.

i’ve shifted my parents to cage free eggs (when we can’t buy from friends who have farms). i make sure that the meat we buy isn’t injected with loads of chemicals. i try to buy local! and now, i’m going to think about the pizza i buy and eat too.

there are loads of local pizza places that make great pizza. and especially now, we should be using our purchasing power to do good in the world and support local business. so next time i want some pizza, i’m going to buy local!

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