a journal entry: 28 march 2010

i’m so tired but it’s almost the end so i wanna write this shit down. ba mary wisely told me today, ‘you should have started visiting people yesterday.’ yea. no shit.

today i went to church and said my good bye there. then i went and had lunch with reverand chulwa which was really quite lovely, and zambian. we had chicken but no tomatoes, so no soupu. so i just ate a bunch of plain nshima and chicken. but it was really good!

then bamary took me over to baoberts place so i could pay for the goat and say good buy oh! and give them the pics mom sent me a really long time ago.

i can’t remember when i did it, but i also went and saw baeli, that old lady next door. she is looking much better, was moving all around and has even gained some weight.

it’s still raining.

and i’m already sick of saying good bye to people and the week hasn’t even really started. and the gin is running low! i’m expecting the melt down to be on wednesday.

schedule of the day:

  • clinic:
    • watched and assisted stitching up a girl’s leg
    • said good bye
  • school
    • said good bye to eliza, last lunch at her house!
    • took snaps!
  • binashy’s
    • took snaps
    • ate groundnuts!

babetty came and gave me an awesome chitenge as a remembrance!

join the SUMMER OF YOGA 2.0!!!

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