a journal entry: 30 march 2010

yesterday i went to mudoba to say good bye to people.

went to dennis, the carpenter’s place, got sweet potatos, groundnuts and a chicken. then we (me and bawesley) went to banoah’s house. in true zambian fashion, no one was home. so then we went to the headman’s home. he wasn’t home. he thought i was coming on friday. so we chatted with his wife, took pictures, i gave them a plate and cup and playing cards. they gave me a chicken. as we were biking home, we came across banoah. so, of course, we went back to his place.

at this point it’s at least 3pm and no one has fed me any food. i’m hungry, thirsty, and because there is so much water that way, i’m wearing my gum boots with no socks. so my feet are really killing me. but, we go back and he gives me an awesome walking stick for grandpa. so cool! so even though it was a really long day, it was still a good one!

last night a mouse ate a hole in my purse getting to the scone i forgot was in there. oops. so i get up, throw the scone out of my house and lock my purse in my food tub. then i watched the mouse for a while. i decided if i write a book about pc, the title will be ‘nothing is mouse proof.’ perhaps with the subtitle ‘and other lessons learned in the peace corps.’

today i’m up early so we can go to siambele headman and a few other people so i’ll write more later.

again, too tired to write. so here’s what we did:

  • headman siambele
  • mr. mkwisa’s for breakfast AND lunch
  • baboris’s place for another lunch
  • baeliots to see the new baby they named christa

then home where mrs banda and mrs simulwill came to visit. then baeli came to give me 2 pumpkins and groundnuts.

and then ate more chicken at dinner. i might explode. bamary fixed my purse, so good as new! sunburned as hell now. tomorrow is the last day! not sure how i feel about that yet! need to sleep so i can relax and enjoy tomorrow! eck!!!

join me during my SUMMER OF YOGA 2.0!

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