a journal entry: 24 march 2010

1 week, 2 days left

well, this is it. i’m almost finished living in the bush.

i’m sharing my family’s pit latrine. my own one collapsed last thursday when i was in town so i stayed in town all week while they build me a new one. i came back on monday and i couldn’t believe it! i was expecting a disaster zone but instead i found the hole filled in, my bathing shelter in tact and a brand new latrine!

well, of course, things wouldn’t work out so well. last night i go in after it rained and there was light. i woke up this morning and joy is here. he runs off to get bamary and she tells me to not go in and that we are all family and will share their pit latrine.

so that is my fate for the next week and 2 days!

join me for SUMMER OF YOGA 2.0!

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