let’s all take a deep breath

it’s been just over 2 weeks since i’ve been back in the us, and LOADS of things have changed. covid-19 has taken over the airwaves and our day to day lives. some people are saying it’s a hoax, some people are saying we aren’t doing enough, either way, we should all be doing something!

first let’s all take a deep breath.

while you might just be focused on the negative, there are some good things happening!

for one, i didn’t get the virus from being in australia or traveling home. secondly, some amazing things are happening to our planet.

because so many of us humans are home, the earth is also taking a deep breath. you can now see the fish in the canals of venice. the air pollution in china has dropped so much that scientists believe people’s lives have been saved.

so remember to practice your self-care, whatever that looks like for you. today, right now, go and do it. maybe it’s a 10 minute meditation, maybe it’s watching a movie on netflix, maybe it’s doing yoga, maybe it’s listening to your favorite bob marley song, maybe it’s making and eating fresh warm straight from the oven cookies. take time for yourself, you need it. i need it. we all need it.

the earth is taking a deep breath so let’s all take a deep breath too.

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