oh the possibilities…

the following is the email that i wrote and sent out to the SUMMER OF YOGA email list yesterday! if you love it, you can join the list for just u$10!

it’s the new moon today, a time when energy is low making it a perfect time to reflect and look inward. and that’s exactly what i’ve been doing today. i knew i wanted to email today, but was having a bit of writer’s block (it is a new moon after all!). so i asked the tarot deck what i should focus on for you, the SUMMER OF YOGA email readers.


i started yoga teacher training a few weeks ago. and i had set some initial goals for myself as well as my business. i’m a home body and wanted to push myself to go out more and expand my network and community in sioux falls. i also wanted to be more confident in sharing with others what i can do! things were going well until closings started happening in response to the rapid spread of covid-19. in the midst of all these wonderful new experiences, challenges are suddenly everywhere. 

last week was the spring equinox. and since life and goals and projects will obviously look drastically different than i had imagined just a few weeks ago, i did a special intention setting yoga practice. the last few days have been a reflection of what ideas and goals are being born and into what kind of world. i am excited to see where this new spring season will take me, because i can see a lot of amazing things waiting for me!

the possibilities are there. the universe is giving all of us exactly what we need in this moment. for me, i think this is a clear sign that i indeed can (and should) work from my computer, but i also need to harness the power of technology to push myself to expand my community. and because of that, i’ve decided to continue SUMMER OF YOGA throughout my yoga teacher training. i’m keeping all of you on my list and am hoping that more and more individuals will join us!

what is the universe telling you? 

until the next email,

join the SUMMER OF YOGA!

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