my water bottle

i’ve had my green nalgene water bottle for almost 17 years. i bought it with a $20 gift certificate my very first weekend at university in august of 2003. and i’ve gotten my money’s worth for sure!

my water bottle has gone everywhere with me. and it’s had everything in it. coffee, beer, wine, cocktails, chibuku (maize beer), ribena, well water, borehole water, creek water and even good ole’ fashion tap water.

i’ve had my water bottle for so long, that friends have started asking me if that was the same water bottle as before. yup – yes it is. i don’t feel like i need to buy a new one until my current one is completely done with its life, ie it doesn’t hold liquid anymore. loads of scratches and scrapes, plenty of stickers have come and gone, and even a few new lids have been required. but my green water bottle is still living its best life.

so when you are shopping and see a cute new water bottle, do you really need it? or do you have a thousand other water bottles sitting in the cupboard, collecting dust waiting to be used? because the way i see it, you only have 1 mouth so really only need 1 big water bottle. and if you use your water bottle until it can’t be used any more, it saves some space in the landfill!

i’d love to have you join me for SUMMER OF YOGA 2.0!!

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