turn off the water!

i’ve been back in the states for 12 days now. a lot has happened. covid-19 is all over the us and all over the news. and with that, a thousand videos about how to wash your hands. and what do almost all of them have in common?


at my parents’ house in sioux falls, south dakota, usa, it takes 10 seconds to fill up my 1 liter (34 oz) water bottle. this is half of what you should drink everyday. so if i leave the tap on while i’m washing my hands for 20 seconds, all my drinking water for the day has gone down the drain. and this is just for 1 TIME that i wash my hands during the day.

this is my biggest pet peeve. please. please! turn the water off when you are washing your hands. there are BILLIONS of people in our world that have to walk miles to collect their drinking water. and this is not an exaggeration. literally miles.

so next time you are washing your hands, remember:

join me for the SUMMER OF YOGA 2.0!

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