wombats, march flies and yoga, oh my!

last year, i went walking in nepal. and this year, i went on a few small walks at cradle mountain!

last weekend, we went and stayed in cradle mountain-lake st clair national park at waldheim cabins. it was beautiful and the weather was almost perfect!

it was so beautiful that i hardly took any photos myself. we did loads of yoga and tried to see a tasmanian devil on a night walk (didn’t see one but did have a wombat hiss at us) and did our best to keep the march flies away.

i noticed an interesting thing while walking this last weekend.

usually i hate walking and the second i start, i’m yelling to myself, ‘when will this be over??!!!!!!???!!!!’ even in nepal, i had a bit of this happening, but not as much as i usually do. but this time, i didn’t have any of this internal monologue. i was enjoying being outside in nature and taking a walk.

i loved it so much, that when i get back to south dakota (and it warms up a bit, i still don’t think i could go for a walk outside when it’s COLD) i’m going to start going for longer walks and explore the parks and nature spaces around sioux falls. i’m really excited to see what i can find!

join me for SUMMER OF YOGA 2.0!

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