a journal entry: 18 feb 2010

my last few months in the village were intense! a lot of cycling around and saying bye to people. friends coming to visit me at my house. and loads of random pictures too! here is one of the last diary entries from my time in peace corps!

and holy crap i haven’t written in forever. my time is running out here and i feel like i need to just be enjoying my last few weeks in the village.

catch up!

went to cos conference. it was nice to see everyone one last time. it wasn’t as wild and crazy as i thought it would be. i was sick so i was told not to drink. not that i wanted to anyway. i should back up again as to why i was sick. i was attacked by a beetle. it burned my cleavage. badavid rescued me from the village! it was pretty nasty and took me out for about a week. then my allergies decided to attack. needless to say, i wasn’t excited about going to lusaka for cos. but it was alright. i already have my plane ticket outta here on 22 april. 11:05am. only 5 flights to get me home! i’m a bit done with peace corps.

the library books that josh’s friends and family sent came. well, the first shipment. we lost 7 boxes out of 20. i’m guessing they are on the way back to america OR lost forever somewhere in between. the next 20 boxes are on a boat. i’m hoping they get here in april. i have a good feeling about it! everyone was/is really excited about having the books there. now we have to hope they actually use them! also, mom and dad sent tons of school supplies for the school. so i’ve been busy taking snaps of the supplies being used around the school. they spent a ton of money on buying all of the stuff and then sending it all over here. i was really proud and glad they would do that for my school. then mom went to talk to some girl scout troop in yankton, i think. they gave a ton of baby formula for jacqueline and the baby. i gave jacqueline all of the baby food and gave the clinic the rest of the formula. now i need to send them a thank you note! everyone actually! too bad the post office raised the prices on everything!

it’s finally raining today. there hasn’t been rain for over a week. last night it sprinkled a bit when i was falling asleep. but now it’s raining. winnie is sleeping on my floor and i’m in my bed. listening to coldplay.

i’ve also had a lot of visitors this last week. badavid gave me and josh a ride to my house to deliver all those books. then josh stayed for a few days. we took tons of pictures of all the kids with books. then had to stamp all the books saying they belong to our zonal library. then josh left and brittany came. so she came to stay with me for these last few days.

i’m sure there is more to write about but i think i’m done for now. i’ve been writing a few blog posts recently. plus emailing home a lot. i’m not worried that my 2 years here in zam-land won’t be accounted for!

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