3 weeks and 1 day…

and i’ll be back on a plane to america. 😦 i’m sad to be leaving, but am looking forward to starting my yoga teacher training when i get back to south dakota!!!

i’ve had a great time here! it’s been busy and fun. lots of paddleboarding, loads of yin yoga all around the northeast, a few days of hanging on the beach ALL day and even pagan cider!

a few weeks ago we watched walk with me, a documentary about thich nhat hanh, a buddhist monk who was exhiled from vietnam for calling for peace. now a zen master, thousands of people come to his community in france to learn from him.

the documentary followed a few of the monks as they live their daily lives in the monastery and out in the world. at the monastery, whenever a bell rings, everyone stops what they are doing and meditate to bring themselves back into the moment. this has really stuck with me.

so now that my days are numbered in australia, i’m challenging myself to stay present and enjoy the moments i have left. every once in a while i remind myself to be present, stop worrying about what is coming next, just enjoy the now…

join me for my SUMMER OF YOGA 2.0!

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