reduce your waste…

we live in a very throw-away society. but as awareness grows (and our landfills fill up) more and more consumers are trying to reduce their waste for the betterment of our planet. and you can too! it’s not too hard plus i’m here to help!!

i don’t throw loads of things away, most gets put into the recycling (where i HOPE it actually gets recycled and made into something new). i have been becoming more conscious of what i use and what resources are utilized so i started using my washcloth for toner on my face. this worked ok for a while, but i was using a lot of wash clothes and having to do a lot more laundry (which equals more resources being used). i was using more wash clothes because i could never remember which one i had used or what corner i had previously used and oftentimes ended up using a whole new washcloth, even if i didn’t need one. THEN i thought, well surely instead of using this whole giant washcloth or using those terrible throw away cotton circles, i could make something to use.

this turned into me creating crochet cotton make-up/toner removers. and they work great! the only challenge is that they get lost in the washing machine, so using a laundry bag does help… i’ve made different colors so that it is easier to keep track of which ones i’ve used and which ones i haven’t. i have also made myself 7, which also helps – 1 per day of the week! AND i’m keep loads of those throw away cotton circles from the landfill, saving water from less washing, and using cotton that will last for years.

that’s some pretty good waste reduction, if i do say so myself!

want your own set of make-up/toner removers? i can sell you a set of 7, a deluxe bathroom kit (includes 7 make-up/toner removers, 1 tough scrubbie, 2 soft scrubbies and 1 washcloth). send me an email!

join me for SUMMER OF YOGA 2.0! you won’t wanna miss out on me trying to get strong enough for a handstand!

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