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i’ve been in australia for over a month now. and while i’ve been having a great time here in tasmania there are a LOT of people who have been struggling with the bushfires. (in case you haven’t heard, australia is burning up. and it has been for a while now.)

i’m safe here in bridport (luckily there haven’t been any fires near us). but it hasn’t been blue skies and sunny beach days the entire time. yesterday we had a smoky, hazy day. turns out, the smoke that we were seeing and feeling was the exact same smoke from the smoky, hazy day we had 2 weeks ago. the smoke made its way into the upper levels of the atmosphere. the world spun. and we moved back into the same smoke from 2 weeks ago. how crazy is that?!

it really illustrates that australia, and our planet, will never be the same. ever. the effects of the bushfires are so massive, that everyone will eventually be impacted.


i saw one news clip last week that has really stuck with me. a man and woman were standing in front of the burned, smoldering wreckage of what used to be their home. and he said, ‘well, i guess this gives me more time to travel and see my grandkids.’ and that is how awesome australians are.

so if you would like to help, donate to australian red cross. they are doing amazing work in running and operating the evacuation centres. and will have heaps more work to do when the recovery efforts continue (and that will be years i’m guessing!) plus bron is working hard to make sure volunteers are everywhere they need to be!!!

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