a journal entry: 9 jan 2010

holy crap, it’s 2010! it seemed so far-a-way when i came here but it’s already upon us.

back from america! it was so great to be back for even the very short week that it was. only a week. plus i got snowed in in dc. but it was nice to be on the internet and lay in a nice bed without feeling like i should be talking with people – cause there wasn’t anyone!

my flowers are looking nice! my garden is so-so. cows already got in it, so it’s not totally great. plus it hasn’t rained a ton here since before i left. so things are a bit dried up.

last night at dinner we were talking about movies and then bawesley refereced richard gere kissing pretty zinta (i think that was the bollywood actress!). i was laughing SO HARD!! and in that instant my kinda crappy day was so much better!

cos conference is in 2.5 weeks. i can’t believe it is here already! it’s kinda sad but also very exciting. and i still don’t know what i’m doing next. WILD CARD!!!!!

fun fact: woke up and found a dead mouse on the floor right in front of my door!

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