a journal entry: 1 dec 2009 world aids day!

boy have i been doing a terrible job of writing in my journal. but things are so boring – well to me anyway. but i’ll play a little catch up.

rainy season arrived. and i was sick of it about 2 days in. you complain about waiting for it, then you complain cause it won’t stop. it’s a lose, lose. it rained for a week straight before i texted kim that i couldn’t take it any more. she texted back, ‘i’m going to town tomorrow. i didn’t want to tell you.’ so i went to town on a saturday. everyone kept telling me that i wouldn’t find transport. but i did thanks to mr. banda. so me and kim hung out in town and then josh came with anna. she was really nice! she hid in the room a lot but you can’t really blame her in a house full of americans.

we had our last provincials. it was over and done before lunch time. most of it didn’t concern us and none of us really felt like complaining. then we cooked tacos for dinner.

next day was thanksgiving and we all went to the mission in kalomo. and it was amazing! i brought my computer so we got to watch season 6 of the office! the wedding was way better than i could ever hope they would make it! and we got to eat tons of american food. it was the best thanksgiving you could ever ask for in zambia! and to top it all off, they gave me and brittany (everyone else left by saturday) a ride all the way back to choma on sunday. all we had to do was go to church with them in nazilogo – deb’s old stompin’ grounds. we decided it was worth it for a free ride all the way to the house.

now i’m back in the village for a week. i’m going to be bouncing back and forth for this month before i head to america for christmas. i’m getting really excited for it. i’m still a bit nervous i won’t come back. but then last night as i was holding joy, i almost started crying because i knew i would have to leave him in a few months. so i want to come back so i can hang out with my kids for the last few months. and if i can remember that feeling, i know i’ll come back for the last few months of my service.

all the kids were dressed up yesterday because of polio. they all went to the clinic to get vaccinated against polio!

baby christa is 8.4 kgs. which is unheard of (typically) for a village baby. just goes to show what formula can do for a baby!

i woke up at 11.30 last night cause it was SO hot. i don’t think i was ever that hot all of hot season this year. it was crazy. but it looks like rain today and it is a bit cooler right now. i just wish the kids were around so we could color or something. i’ve had the whole morning to myself. which is, also, unheard of!

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