a journal entry: 8 august 2009

still don’t know what i’m going to do with my life. i thought going back to america would help but it made things even more fuzzy. i think about it all the time. august was the random month i had chosen to make my decision. and i’m nowhere near close to any sort of decision.

a chicken has been laying eggs in the porch. there was one last week and today there was 4! i had to have nchimunya come and scare the chicken away because it was on my charcoal. 😉

it is starting to warm up. bit by bit! and school is out so i have nothing to do! well, not really nothing. i think i’m going to start my garden. and in september we are going to have a permaculture garden workshop in choma. i’m hoping it will be successful. i got everyone 3 days for it!

nchimunya, bamaama and sonia in the garden!

last night i came back with eliot. he had to go and get poles so i had the whole front seat to myself. it was nice. until we got stuck right outside the mission. the guys had to unload half the poles, then eliot got unstuck, then we had to load all the poles back in. well i didn’t, but you get the idea. so i got home late but i didn’t miss dinner. i did break 4 of my 10 eggs so we had eggs for an extra relish.

i’m trying to decide where i want to go for my birthday. i have no idea. none whatsoever…

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