a journal entry: 10 august 2009

my friend kelsey has been saying recently, ‘what even is your life?!’ and this journal entry couldn’t highlight the hilarity of my life any better than causally saying i almost feel into a well (which is what prompted the comment!)! lions and fires and an extreme casual-ness about both! enjoy!

lions are on the loose! for real. so they were talking about a lioness and cub that were seen around batoka. which is a little outta choma. so i was immediately scared/excited. lions man! then i went to fetch water and told bamary and jacqueline about it. that is when things officially got scary. something was eating cows and only leaving bones in katete, which is only a village over from me. like maybe 7 km. which is nothing for a lion.

so the lions – well one at least – have gotten out of kafue park.

the radio said that zawa (zambian wildlife authority) can’t find it, them. so i’m on lion alert. i think i would leave if i ever saw a lion here. elephants i could handle but a lion would be way too scary. too much threat of actual death. lions are predators! elephants would just stand there and look at you. and you could probably back up slowly and get away… a lion would chase you, kill you and eat you leaving only a few bones. if you were lucky.

i’m hoping that what the safari guy said was true, if you want to see it, you won’t. because, let’s be honest, it would be kickass to see a lion in the village. scary. but kickass.

so i met the zambian version of those crazy kennedy cousin sisters. at least i’m pretty sure they are kennedy. except this was a mother/daughter paid. the daughter is 79 years old. the mother is 93 years old, at least. she actually doesn’t know how old she is. all she knows is that she was born the same year that the railroads were built in zambia. and she said that she doesn’t know how old she is because she is uneducated. it struck me when she said that – that education is something so powerful that even knowing something as simple as your own birthday is considered ‘education.’

but these 2 ladies were hilarious! the daughter came to ask if i would come and take their picture. she has ovarian cancer (that’s my guess – they call it ‘cancer of the female parts’) and is going to lusaka next week for a follow up. so yesterday she came to collect me, and jacqueline as the translator. so we all walked over and as soon as we showed up it was hilarious!

jacqueline was laughing the whole time and was translating for me. i guess as soon as we walked up the mother refused to get up because she didn’t want the white girl to see her because she was old and not beautiful. and in the pictures, the mother didn’t even want to stand because she was in a rubbish chitenge and her daughter was in a nice long skirt. i couldn’t even understand one thing being said but the body language was awesome!

so i promised to get the pictures to them. then for my payment, i got sweet potatoes! amazing!! jacqueline kept them for me and will be keeping them to cook for me every day until they are gone. even better!

fire went sweeping through the farm today. i was reading and heard that whoosing and crackle of a large fire. stood up and saw a wall of fire behind the lemon trees. oh zambia!

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