a journal entry: 29 july 2009

before you read my journal entry from 10 years ago, i would suggest reading my blog post from 10 years ago! it really explains what happened and why i was ready to stay in zambia. check it out here!

so i made it outta my depression! who knew that if you actually left your house and got to work, things would actually improve.

more things to note. they got rid of dakota. sold him for 2 new dogs that will be coming in 2 weeks. it is kinda sad, but one less thing for me to yell at when i’m cooking. saw a huge snake on the way to school yesterday. i let it go on its way before i kept going on the path. i’m not the only white person in the village tonight. a group of mission kids from holland are here. they came to the clinic. it’s always weird having other foreigners here. i’m not sure why. i feel like i have to explain everything. but whatever. i’m sure they will have an eye opening experience. one girl said she was 17. i could only imagine how freaked out i’d be if i came here when i was 17. although i was 18 when i went to haiti, so i bet i would have been ok.

i’ve been helping at the clinic a lot the last few days. its been busy but fun. i’ve been entering patient information from their notebooks (or charts if we were in america) into the clinic book. i’ve also been handing out charts and helping dispense medication. basically all the stuff that they would never let you do in america unless you had some sort of specialized degree. but i’ve been having a lot of fun doing it.

not sure what we were baking here, but definitely not the cake and brownies…

today we are celebrating turnwell’s birthday. we celebrated bawesley’s birthday on monday. we made brownies and chocolate cake. the cake was a bit underdone but still pretty good. the brownies were amazing!

party this weekend! we are celebrating the departure of kersi, dre and tati. i don’t know if celebrating is the best word, but you know what i mean. pizza and apple pie are on the menu. i’m kinda excited about the apple pie. i haven’t made any since i’ve been here. i’m sure it will turn out alright.

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