try your best

not gonna lie, it’s been a rough week. i haven’t been feeling the best, zero energy and no motivation. and i haven’t done any yoga. 

i keep thinking that i should be doing this and i should be doing that. but ‘should’ i be doing anything? my body is telling me something and i need to listen. so i’m going back to this:

try your best, accept the rest

today i’m going to try my best: i did a bit of work, i made myself hello kitty pancakes, i watched parks and rec on netflix. yes, not the thousand things that i would have wanted to get done in a perfect world, but this world isn’t perfect and i’m not feeling 100%. so i’ve tried my best and will accept that the rest will be there waiting for another day. 

hope you are able to try your best today, whatever that looks like for you! and accept the rest (which is easier said than done!). but remember, tomorrow’s another day!

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