it’s rock opera time!

that’s right, it’s jesus christ superstar time!

in case you don’t know, jesus christ superstar is an amazing musical by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice. it tells the story of jesus’ last week on earth.

i first saw jesus christ superstar at ccd (confraternity of christian doctrine-basically a fancy way to say bible school for catholic kids). i think i was in 8th or 9th grade. and my teacher intro’d the movie by saying the catholic church BANNED it when the movie came out in the early 1970s, so i was already intrigued. 5 minutes in, i was hooked FOR LIFE!!!!

now it’s my tradition to watch jesus christ superstar at easter every year. and this year is no different, although i’ve lined up several versions to watch!

  • first up, the original movie version from 1973!
  • tomorrow, i’ll watch the version with tim minchin and mel c (ya know, from the spice girls!). you can watch this too! it’s on andrew lloyed webber’s youtube channel this weekend! (if you didn’t know, he’s releasing a music each weekend that you can watch for free! but just for 48 hours! so go and check it out now!!)
  • and on sunday, i’ll watch the 2018 nbc version, that’s the one with john legend as jesus!

my easter weekend is full! i hope you are finding exciting things to do while you STAY HOME!

join me for SUMMER OF YOGA 2.0! it’s almost handstand time i think!!!

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