a little brightness for your day!

get your orders in and get a bit of brightness delivered to your mailbox! send me an email or message me on facebook!

i’m heading out into the big, wide world on thursday or friday this week. so if you would like any of the below, let me know and i can get them into the mail to you later this week! prices are below and shipping prices depend on where you are, but i only charge the price that the post office charges me! 😉

cotton scrubbies

i’ve been making star and flower shaped scrubbies.

these are perfect for your bathroom or your kitchen! they are 100% cotton and can easily be thrown in the washing machine for use for YEARS! (no joke, my mom still has dishcloths i made for her about 12 years ago.) i’ve got multiple colors!

u$3 each

tough scrubbies

i’ve got tough scrubbies too! they are cotton on one side and a fun scrubby, tough yarn material on the other side.

you can use these on those tough pots and pans OR on your dry skin (they work great on my legs-which i don’t take great care really, so they get a true workout!!).

u$4 each


you can add some color to your kitchen cleaning routine or your bathroom routine with these fun dishcloths! circle or square shape is available.

u$10 each

make-up removers

do you want to remove even more single use materials from your bathroom routine? you can use these cotton re-useable make-up removers!

u$1 each or a set of 7 for u$5.


ready to decorate for the holiday season? i’ve got star OR bunny garlands for you to use!

u$10 each!

re-useable water balloons

is it summer where you are? or are you getting ready for the summer sun?! get your fill of these amazingly fun re-useable water balloons made from a chenille type yarn.

all you need to do is get a bucket of water, put the water balloons in, soak up water and start throwing at your friends! no need to pick up wasteful bits of single-use plastic AND when they get a bit too dirty, just throw them in the washing machine!

u$2 each

join me for the SUMMER OF YOGA! it’s happening, right now!

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