a journal entry: 7 nov 2009

where did october go? seriously. well i made it 3 weeks in the village and am now back at it. i was in town to celebrate my birthday. it was good. i got to talk to mom and we ate pizza. then i just hung around because i couldn’t bring myself to go back to the village. but i had a good relaxing time so it was ok.

we had a HUGE goat for my birthday in the village. we all ate SO much. bamary made me cake and corn bread and jacqueline made goat pies. it was all delicious! it made me really sad that i will have to leave my second family. but it was also really happy and exciting. i also invited binashy and she brought me 5 eggs. which i was very excited about. all in all, a pretty great 25th birthday.

now i’m sweating waiting for the rain to come. it keeps thundering. and it’s humid. yesterday it rained on transport coming back home. it’s not a comforting thing when you look up and see lightning when you are driving in the middle of nowhere while riding in the back of a very metal truck. but it stopped raining before the mission and i didn’t have to walk home in the rain. which was really good!

me and kim went to tim’s village. he knows tonga! man. it was incredible. and his site is beautiful. really hilly, which proved to me how out of shape i am. but it was fun. we ate a lot of nshima and tim bought a turkey that we ate every meal. it was fun!!

for just $10, you can join SUMMER OF YOGA! i look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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