i’m waiting at the airport to get on my first of three flights to nigeria! why? because after months and months of preparations, the juliette low seminar is upon us!

for my non-guiding/girl scouting friends, juliette low started girl scouts in the united states over 100 years ago. in her honor, wagggs (the world association of girl guides and girl scouts) holds a leadership seminar for young women.

this year is even more exciting than a ‘regular’ jls. this year, they transformed 1 seminar into MANY seminars. we are spread around the world where over 700 young women will be attending!

apps are downloaded and ready!

and those 700 young women? they’ll be going home after the seminar and doing leadership activities with at least 100 girls. the effects of this 1 week will be felt for years to come!

i’ll be in nigeria!

i’ve never been, so it will also be a new country and experience for me! and we are delivering our seminar in french! (of which i know none!) we have 33 participants on our list, and hopefully they will all be able to attend!

i’m nervous, excited and will be challenged by not being in charge of logistics (of which i am usually in charge of!). i’m ready to meet young women from all over the world, learn their stories and hopefully motivate and empower them to go home and make a change in their own community.

join me during the SUMMER OF YOGA!

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