a journal entry: 6 sept 2009

came back on friday from gardening in town. we stopped at the clinic on the way back because eliot’s first wife if there. and some drunk guy tried to kiss me but sandra and eliot both grabbed him and hauled him out of the room. at least people watch out for me!

then he sat up front with me on the way home and was telling me all about aids and you should only have one wife so you don’t get aids twice. i was impressed that he had the correct information and was able to tell me in english, while he was drunk out of his mind.

and boy is it nice to be back home! i have all my shit unpacked and have been busy baking cakes. yesterday for eric and today for jacqueline. baby christa has her bottles and formula and is already drinking it up. and ms. jacquline will be starting school tomorrow!

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