the grass is always greener…

you know you’ve been in america too long when you have 4 full pages of beer on tap choices and you can’t find anything good to drink. and what you do pick isn’t even that good.

you know you’ve been in india too long when a brand new big bottle of beer is completely flat. which happened 2 days in, so maybe not a sign of being here too long, maybe I just drink too much beer?

when i’m in the us, i miss tusker (the best kenyan beer). when i’m in the us, i miss budweiser magnum (a fantastic 8% beer in india). and when i’m not in the states, i miss beer on tap.

the grass is always greener…

i think this is a great reminder to remember to live in the moment and take it all in. enjoy what you can where you are. because you can’t always enjoy a tusker and a a pineapple cider on tap in the same place.

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