2 years and 2 months

it has been 2 years and 2 months since i was in india. it doesn’t actually seem like it has been that long. but it has actually been 2 years and 2 months. (i looked it up!)

even though i finished working and living at sangam almost 3 years ago now, the flights and airports are still regular. the path from one plane to the next is muscle memory. the flights between sioux falls and mumbai are the same. and the flights usually leave from the same gates.

nothing much has changed in those 2 years and 2 months…

i’m still job searching. still trying to figure out some sort of life direction. but i think this is regular for everyone. no one knows what they are doing really. we are all just faking it until we make it!

i have gone lots of places and done lots of things. kenya (a few times), uganda, australia. i saw mountain gorillas, wombats and SO MANY echidnas. i even had my gall bladder removed.

while i’m at sangam, i’ll do much the same things that i did while i lived and worked there. i’ll swim. eat mangoes. go to the sweet shop every afternoon for wada pav. work in the archives. it will also be regular.

but 1 thing won’t be regular.

jen has finished her time working at sangam! i don’t want to say ‘it’s the end of an era’ even though that is probably the best way to explain it. i can’t wait to share and celebrate all that jen has done!

i’m not sure when i’ll be able to get back to india again, so i’m making the most of this trip for sure! but i can’t wait to see what awaits sangam’s next 2 years and 2 months!

don’t worry! you haven’t missed out!

you can still join my hiking club as a day hiker for us$10! sign up now cause you won’t wanna miss out!

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