a journal entry: 6, 7 and 8 february 2009

10 years ago, we started our trip to zanzibar! it was crazy fun! josh met his future wife!

best thing i learned? take the time to bake cupcakes and treats to take with you on the train. you won’t regret it at 2am after you’ve been drinking cheap beers all day. 😉

6 feb 2009

trip to zanzibar! i’m sitting in the train station in kapiri, zambia waiting to get on a for a 2 day journey to tanzania, dar es salam to be exact! then a ferry to the island. it’s been a few days since i journaled so i’ll back track.

left my village on monday and couldn’t wait to get outta there. i hate being at the mission but alas it’s only for a few months. i hope. and i found out that a teacher may be ‘responsible’ for jacqueline – it’s just a rumor but that would really suck. so i’m going to forget about all of that. cause i’m going on vacation!

it’s me, josh, tim and derick going on this trip. plus something like 50 other volunteers from zambia are going to be there too. i’m sure it’ll be good to see a few of those people!

josh cut my hair. i wanted a hair cut so on tuesday night i washed my hair. found some scissors and was going to do it when regina asked me what i was doing. i said i was going to cut my hair. she said, ‘oh! you should get josh to it!’ oh heck yes. i went out to josh and asked him ‘so i hear you are good at hair cuts. can you cut my hair?’ he laughs and gets up to do it. it’s short and a bit uneven but i like it and it will be really cut when it grows a bit. it’s the new mandy moore hair style.

our train journey is 1,860 km according to the poster on the wall. a LONG way but we’ll have an awesome time!

7 feb 2009

we’re in tanzania! and it’s only noon on day 2. we’re doing good! not much to report on the train. been doing lots of drinking. and some other volunteers from central and luapula got on in serenje so we’ve been chatting with them a bit. and we should be venturing through the game parks soon so that will be fun!

8 feb 2009

still on the train. BUT we finally went through the game park. we saw giraffes, baboons, some sort of deer, and i saw a dead giraffe and elephant. it was pretty cool. oh and saw some zebras!

and i’m finally sick of being on the train. i just want to take a hot shower and wash 3 days and 2 countries worth of dirt off of me. then i can finally enjoy my vacation fully!

help me get to india!

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