did you know that 99% of americans have the same chemicals in their bodies that come from the chemical processes used to make teflon? you know, the stuff that stops food from sticking on your pots and pans? and keeps your coats waterproofed? and keeps your couch cushions free from wine stains?

yeah. it’s IN our bodies.

i watched ‘the devil we know‘ this past weekend and i can’t stop thinking about it. it’s a documentary (on netflix in the us) about dupont and how they created teflon, what it did to the environment and our bodies over the next 50 years. i highly recommend watching it.

it got me thinking about how i, as a tiny individual in south dakota, can even make a dent in the huge environmental issues that we as a world are facing. how am i supposed to compete with giant corporations who are making BILLIONS of dollars every year? and who are making that money off the exploitation of our environment AND our bodies?!

it is simply too depressing. BUT we have to do something. i can’t let the actions of massive corporations dictate how i live and treat our planet. i can use my purchasing power to fight giant corporations in my daily life!

this year, i am making a conscious effort to think about where i’m shopping and why i’m shopping there. do i really need a brand new tee from target? or can i find a slightly used tee from goodwill? of course you can always find good stuff at the second hand shop. and this year, that is what i’m going to work on and i encourage you to be mindful of what and why you are purchasing! in becoming more aware of how and where we spend our money, we can make changes that positively impact everyone!


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Photo by mrjn Photography on Unsplash

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