It's a tough feeling to be homesick for a place that most people wouldn't see as a home. You say you are homesick but no one really understands how that is possible. No electricity. No running water. No McDonalds. No television. No computers. Everyone focuses on the differences. How could I possibly miss a place … Continue reading Homesick

Days Like These…

It is days like these that I wonder why I have chosen to live the way I do. I learned today that my Zambian sister Sandra is getting married this month. I'm so excited for her! She is an amazing woman, a wonderful mother, an extremely hard worker, and quite the business woman. Whoever she … Continue reading Days Like These…

Baking Birthdays

In the village, birthdays aren't celebrated. There usually isn't the money to make anything special, much less to buy gifts. I learned this when I first arrived to the village. We were eating dinner one night (just like every other night) when my bamaama mentioned it was Sandra's birthday. But how could this be a … Continue reading Baking Birthdays

My Friend Ralph S. Mouse

When I was kid, I thought it would be incredible to have a mouse as a friend. Of course this was after I read the books about Ralph S. Mouse. Having adventures together while riding a toy motorcycle wearing a ping-pong ball helmet. What's not to love? I'm here to tell you, it's not fun … Continue reading My Friend Ralph S. Mouse

The Rains That Save the Animals.

It’s September 25, 2009. And it is raining. It should be the beginning of hot season but there have been signs of rain for weeks now. The winds are coming from the northwest. The mosquitoes are insanely bad. The frogs are singing at night. The bugs are chirping during the day. Zambians call it the … Continue reading The Rains That Save the Animals.

It’s The End of The World as I Know it!

August in the village has been pretty slow. Why you ask? Well, school is closed for the holiday and I have no big projects to work on until school starts. What have you been up to? Well, that is why I’m blogging. For the first week of August I sat at my house, read books, … Continue reading It’s The End of The World as I Know it!

An American Easter in Zambia…

This Easter I decided that I wanted to share the American Easter tradition, of an egg hunt and candy from the Easter Bunny, with my Zambian family. I never realized how obnoxious the idea that a bunny would come in the middle of the nite, leave candy in a basket, and then have an Easter … Continue reading An American Easter in Zambia…

I did it! I’m a PCV!

So I'm back! I haven't blogged since I came back from India (a long LONG time ago) and now I'm a US Peace Corps Volunteer. I'm an education volunteer working in Zambia, it's in Africa. (Google it!) I decided to start blogging again for one reason. People have stopped writing me letters and I still … Continue reading I did it! I’m a PCV!