It’s Almost Here!

Another trip into the world of malaria. And today, finally, just 8 days before I reach a malarial area, I’m back on the anti-malarial medication.

I’ve been awful at remembering that I should go and buy it. I would remember in the morning and forget by the time I was done with work at the end of the day.

Today was an auspicious day – I bought my tablets!

Gwen asked if I wanted anything from the Sweet Shop next door. So instead of asking for something, I said that I would go with.

So we walked the 10 steps outside the Sangam gate and found the Sweet Shop closed. This meant a trip across the street to the shop that is right next to the chemist.

Auspicious time indeed!

I have enough anti-malarial tablets (without a prescription!) to last me through my trip. Then I’ll have to buy some more when I get back.

Now for the mental preparation for going back to Africa…

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