the great laundry experiment of 2020

for a very long time, i’ve wondered how long i could actually go without doing laundry. i have LOADS of clothes. i would say i don’t know how i ended up with so much, but there are a few reasons and they are all because of my choices.

i decided that now was the time to actually see how long i could go without doing laundry. so when i got back from australia, i did a few loads of dirty clothes and the great experiment of 2020 began!

on several occasions, my mom said, ‘oh! i’ve never seen those pants! where did you get those?’ yes. i indeed found and was wearing pants that i don’t think i have EVER wore. how terrible is that???

2 months.

2 whole months.

the great laundry experiment of 2020 lasted 2 entire months.

i’ve narrowed it down to 3 reasons why i have so many clothes.

  • 1-i now live where there are multiple seasons, so you need different types of clothes for those seasons. i have heaps of sweaters, stacks of tank tops and an entire drawer full of skirts and dresses (that you can wear during the summer or throw on some tights and wear in the fall/spring!).
  • 2-i hardly get rid of clothes. i wear the same clothes for YEARS. i usually wait until they are so thin and falling apart that i can’t wear them anymore. i can’t remember the last time that i got rid of a piece of clothing because i didn’t like it.
  • 3-i’m also holding on to a lot of my clothes ‘in case.’ and this is where i’ve really been reflecting and thinking about why i am doing this. i haven’t fully put my finger on the why, but i’m sure i’ll figure it out.

so now it’s time to work on getting rid of the clothes i don’t need! (which is a lot!!!)

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