in 2010, i wasn’t counted in the census. it was strange being a part of the world and not being officially counted. especially because i LOVE filling out forms and doing surveys (i think it’s the sociologist part of my brain!).

census data is cool for 2 reasons. 1-it determines how/where our local governments provide necessary services. ya know, like hospitals and fire stations. 2-i’ve used many a census form to track down relatives in the early 1900s.

1930 census with my great-grandpa, great-grandma, grandpa and his sister!

it’s 2020 and that means it’s census year again! and this year, i was counted! i didn’t get to actually fill out the form, mom did that. but i didn’t mind because i was COUNTED!

so if you haven’t already (and you’re american) go and do your census online!!! it isn’t difficult and it matters!

and here is that blog post from 2010 about not being counted:

The census results shall be revealed today.

I am not counted.

This makes me kind of sad. I am a person and I should be counted. I didn’t break any laws, I paid all my bills. Yet, I have not been counted because I lived in 3 different countries this year, missing the census in each one.

Just my luck.

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  1. Don't worry, I counted you as my dependent. 🙂


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