for 3.5 years, i haven’t had full time, permanent employment (you know, the kind that usually gives you health insurance).

for the first year, I was fine just taking some much needed time to myself. after living and working overseas for 9 years, i needed a mental health break. i also needed to give myself time to adjust back to american life.

then i started to look for jobs.

i’ve applied for SO many. it is a frustrating process to say the least. many times a human being isn’t even receiving your application. an algorithm is reading it and then sending it to the top of a list if you have all the keywords it is told to search for. most of the time, you don’t even get a ‘thanks for applying’ message. your resume and cover letter are sent into the abyss, never to be heard from again.

and while i was doing that, i was also doing small bits and pieces for different people. and working a few part-time jobs here and there. and have now started my own business, which is currently moving very slowly. and this, i just recently learned, is why i don’t count in the numbers.

you see and hear about america’s lowest unemployment rate ever in the news. and for a very long time, i felt like i was doing things ‘wrong’ because i was trying so hard and nothing was happening and i kept wondering where these jobs were?! well, because i do work i’m not counted in these numbers. so while i am struggling to earn enough to cover my expenses, i’m not considered ‘unemployed.’

but i refuse to let the system defeat me!

i’ve still been applying to ‘traditional’ jobs (you know, the ones that usually offer you health insurance). i’ve also been working on getting a fivvr account up and running, working for a few small new businesses just an hour or two a day and crocheting like crazy! it’s tough, but i’m trying to make it all work!

if you know of anyone needing some online/digital support (either with social media, website or even personal assistant stuff), let me know! If you see a job posting that you think sounds like me, send it over! And if you need any crochet dishcloths, scrubbies or snowflake garlands, I’m your girl!

for $10, you can join SUMMER OF YOGA! i’ll see ya on the paddleboard!

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