it’s official!


it’s been a busy, and slightly stressful, last few weeks. went to see dave mathews band with 2nd row seats! got a few job rejections. realized that i could be a virtual assistant! working on selling my handmade crochet items! been working hard to get things ready for jls! and turned 35!!

a lot of ups and downs, but i’m trying my best to stay positive that things will all work out! i really feel like things are just on the cusp of happening and i just need to wait for that tipping point!

and with a HUGE thanks to my parents, i’m able to go on the SUMMER OF YOGA!

the tickets are booked and i’ll be in tassie this australian summer! there is a lot to do before then, so i’m not super excited about things yet. BUT i have the tickets, visa and insurance. the rest i can worry about later!

you can still join SUMMER OF YOGA!

it’ll be an adventure for sure and one you won’t want to miss out on! (my parents are even thinking about coming for a visit!) for just us$10, you can join SUMMER OF YOGA in shavasana and get exclusive email updates!

see you on the mat very soon!

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