a journal entry: 3 oct 2009

here’s a short journal entry from 10 years ago. not much was happening. it was raining, a lot. and, thankfully, i had an awesome trip back to the village! while this doesn’t sound like a major accomplishment, getting back to your house before sunset always marked a ‘good transport day’ in zambia!

just another rainy saturday morning. wait. what? yeah. it’s raining. again.

i haven’t written in a really long time. i’ve been writing a few blogs instead. september was crazy. got malaria. and someone tried to chase the head and deputy head teachers from school. and it rained. crazy. but now it’s october, which is even crazier!

yesterday i came back to the village after being in town for the week. i had the house mostly to myself, which i LOVE. before that, kim came to hang out at my house.

back to yesterday, it was an AWESOME day! spar had strawberries. that’s right! STRAWBERRIES! i had pancakes and strawberries for breakfast. a chicken wrap for lunch. and i got home before the sunset. all in all, an AWESOME day! at least in zambia it is!

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