a journal entry: 17 august 2009

today the french press died and i (well, had) no reason to live. until i texted brittany and she said that i could have her’s. i owe her my life. only someone with a serious coffee addiction would cry over a broken french press (which i did!). so i ended up that joy of all people broke it. on accident. it was the worse sound i think i have ever heard in my whole entire life. and it’s not just cracked but broken. beyond repair. but for some reason i can’t even throw it down the pit latrine. it’s sitting on my table just looking sad and lonely and broken. needless to say, i had quite the day, all before noon.

so as soon as that happened, i decided i needed to get to town. and as soon as possible. so i’m getting the hell outta dodge tomorrow. i knew i should have left today but i wanted to try and stay here a long time. well screw that. next time i get that feeling, i’m outta here.

no goats for sale anywhere around here. which is unfortunate cause i just want some meat! but sandra found pig meat at mr. ny’onge’s place. so at least one part of the day is going to be ok. here’s to not getting worms!

the lions must be gone because i haven’t heard one thing about them since that day on the radio. which is too bad but i guess good for people. just bad for my entertainment levels.

well the frogs are back. bawesley says it will probably rain some time next month. then the rains will start in november. maybe even october. i just hope i don’t get sick and sent home early. i’m seeing this thing to the end!

alright. i think i might have a plan. so i’m going to stop stressing about what i’m going to do after peace corps. i should still be enjoying my experience and not looking to what is next. plus i want to relax and de-stress from zambia. then i can figure what i want from life. or what to do next, at least. i was just thinking that maybe i should at least apply for 3rd year in another country. just to see where it would get me. i would get to go home for a while in-between. i’m not sure. i wish someone would just tell me what to do. too bad it isn’t all that easy.

the other day we had the worst (and i mean WORST) relish ever! some weed named black jack, and it tasted like you would imagine a weed would taste like. it was terrible. so i choked it down. joy took one bite and started yelling that he wanted chicken!

joy ignored me the whole day. he knew i was mad he broke my french press. he came back to my house after i was mostly finished crying and i told him to go outside. then he stood on the outside of my porch and just looked sad. then shimbi came and got him. and he didn’t come back all day. but i told everyone that i had a bad day and that my french press broke. so i don’t feel like i have to hide it. but i still can’t bring myself to chuck it down the pit latrine. where things go that i don’t want to see again. it’s just too sad.

guinea fowl roosting for the night

we had 3 nice days of weather but now we are back to the cold. i wanted to immediately switch to hot season! i busted out a tank top and everything. the incessant wind was gone and it was actually hot in the sun. i hate the crazy annoying wind of cold season. you can’t cook without dirt getting in your food. no matter where you cook or how hard you try. but it’s my last cold season in zam-land so i only have to suffer a few more weeks!

sandra and i are going to town tomorrow. i like going to town with sandra cause then i have someone to talk to when i walk to the mission. and someone to wait with! and i’m finally excited to go to town! yesss!!!!

oh and the pig meat was DELICIOUS!

tip jar!

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