a journal entry: 27 june – 2 july 2009

i was REALLY nervous about jacqueline having her baby in the village. if something were to go wrong, the nearest hospital with a doctor was 35 km away. and if that did happen, what could i do? would i be able to find someone to take her? could i even afford that? i had always wanted to see a baby being born, but could i handle if things went badly?

i was very thankful that my friend kim had come to stay with me at my house for a while. and everything with jacqueline went fine and a new healthy baby was born into our world!

27 june 2009

jacqueline and the new baby!

so yesterday morning jacqueline went into labor. then before dinner they took her to the clinic. i almost went but decided not to. i’m just glad that kim was at my house to take my mind off of things.

so this morning kim and i went to the clinic and found jacqueline and a beautiful baby girl. (yet to be named!) and even better is that jacqueline is doing well. so now i’ll be able to relax when i go home for vacation. i’m also really glad that she and the baby are healthy. she was really stressed and freaking out on thursday night. i kept asking bamary (my host mom) about all her child birth experiences (she had 14 children) and jacqueline kept saying to stop talking about it. but i kept telling her it was too late to do anything about it and i figured she needed to know what was coming!

1-2 july 2009

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